Getting Started with Financial Planning

We will meet to identify and discuss your financial goals. They may include some or all of the following: adequate retirement, education of children, efficient and effective transfer of estates, purchase of residence, vacation, or investment review.

You will do some initial work to gather the data that will be needed in order to accomplish the analysis. Recognizing that this information is very sensitive, you should be confident that your files are held in strict confidence.

STEP 1 - Analysis

Once the data gathering is complete, the analysis will begin. Strategies for meeting your goals will be developed. We will meet to discuss the selection of your strategies. This discussion will include specifics for each goal, and how and when it is to be accomplished. Cash flow projections may also be included, if applicable.

STEP 2 - Implementation

Following this discussion, the plan should be implemented. The requirements will vary depending upon your goals, and the strategies that together we have selected for meeting the goals.

Step 3 - Monitor & Evaluate

A critical step in the process is to continue to monitor and evaluate the plan. Simply going through the motions of planning for your goals will not get you any closer to accomplishing them. You need to be committed to the strategies that are selected. As life situations and external influences change, tactical aspects of our plan can be adjusted keeping in mind that the larger objectives should remain somewhat fixed.

Take the next step toward your future!

This is your planning process, and your future.